Religion and Wine Connection

Religion and the wine connection

Well today I would like to bring to you the discussion I had with friends over dinner last week. It was about wine and its connections with various religions. Nearly all ancient religions have wine as a special gift from god. Let us take a closer look at each of the religions.

Egyptian religion – The Egyptians had a god of wine. Yes folks Hathor the god of intoxication was honored every month by drinking parties on the “Day of intoxication“. Greek Religion – The old Greek religion was similar and had a god Dionysus who was the giver of all gifts and behold the greatest gift was wine. The Romans – The Romans believed that wine was  given by Jupiter and grape growing and wine making was part of the agricultural cycle every year. The Shinto and Chinese – Even in the religion believed to be the oldest, casks of Wine are placed as an offering at the shrines. The old chinese religion also practised offering wine at altars to the god of prosperity. Hinduism in India – The association of wine has really changed over the development of the religion. The early religion had “Soma” the name given to wine which was only for the gods and was a secret recipe. However drinking alcohol was a taboo for the normal people. Judaism – A passage in the Hebrew Bible associates wine with the divine. Presence of wine in almost all the rituals is a testimony to the bond of wine with this religion. Christianity – There are two really important instances in life of Christ which has the wine connection. The first instance is about Jesus turning water into wine and the second one is the Last supper where Jesus shares Wine with bread with his disciples. As for other religions like Buddhism and Jainism wine drinking is a taboo. In Islam wine drinking is a sin. But majority wins I presume.


Napa Valley Wine Train Set to Begin!

Anyone that follows the Napa Valley Wine journey knows know of this amazing train experience.

With the Super Bowl this year being held in Santa Clara in February, the area is capitalizing on the tremendous amount of press, tourists, and attention to our area of the world with winemaking and a culture defined by that,  we are so proud of.

One of the things you can do is hop on the Napa Valley Wine Train, it recently kicked off its “Championship Wine Flight” that is tying NFL greats who founded wineries themselves. I’ve heard Dick Vermeil, Rick Mirer, Charles Woodson, are some of the NFL stars who have wineries you can visit on this unique football inspired wine train.

Napa-Valley-Wine-Train travel though lush countryside drinking in the wines

A view from inside “The Wine Train”

There will be lunch and dinner trains with affordable ticket prices for those interested.  The prices are reasonable for the experience, so please look at the menu thoroughly and appreciate what all you gain from this journey.

Even for those of who most of the public consider wine snobs, I have to recommend this train experience! It’s just awesome! Every friend that comes to visit me from the UK I make sure they spend an afternoon the train.

Napa-Valley-Wine-Train-Silverado-Car an elegant experience.

It takes you back to another era, with the dining cars and meals brought to you as travel across the country side. A full restaurant experience complete with every great local wine known imaginable. This 25 mile journey in the heart of Napa Valley is a must for tourists!

Please check into their main site “Napa Valley Wine Train” to see how to book, the menu, and make a reservation. You won’t be disappointed!



Wine and Nutrition

Calories in different wines

Wine nutritional facts are not found on the label. Be aware wine is not calorie free. It has lots of calories. All the types of wine contain alcohol which is the major source of calories. Now some nutritional facts about wine.

  • Wine does not have  a standard nutritional facts – There cannot be a standard because wines are made from grapes. Grapes that are used to make wine may be green or black. The dark grapes will give rise to wine with higher alcoholic content. On the other hand white wine made from green grapes will have lower alcohol content.
  • Alcohol has more calories than sugar – If you are having alcohol in any form you are taking in calories twice that of sugar. You did not know this? Well friends one more fact is the drier the wine the more calories. Sweet wines will have lesser calories. So if you are on a fitness regime better to skip wine for a while.
  • Other Nutritional facts – (1) Contains Fluoride which means wine is good for teeth.(2) Potassium keeps the heart muscles healthy.(3) Manganese which is good for nervous system and liver.(4) Iron good for keeping active (5) Phosphorous for strengthening bones and aiding digestion. (6) Vitamin B2 the vitamin which helps reduce ageing effects.

Wine is good for health: Fact or Fiction

Wine Good for health

Cersie the mother of Tommen and wife of Robert Baratheon in “The Game of Thrones” is addicted to wine. That is just an excerpt from my favorite TV series, but the question is Wine really healthy? Well I tried to find out facts about the same. I visited Doctors and medical professionals and also some of our elders to find out.

Is wine beneficial for heart? Well the medical practitioners told a story about a boy. John was a boy and he used to drink tea daily with milk and sugar. It kept him going and he was really good at studies and sports. Someone told him that tea is good for health. Now he started drinking 10 cups of tea daily and what happened? His body took the toll and he was sick. Doctor came and told him he was drinking too much tea. Well friends the same is the case with wine. If you drink one glass daily it is good for your hearty. On the other hand if you are addicted it will ruin your life. The alcohol in wine can cause liver problems and death due to alcohol is very common. Every fifth man dies due to ill effects of alcohol.

The doctor also added that wine is better than other alcoholic beverages but only when taken in moderate quantities. My grandfather is of the same view. He said that wine is good and is best with dinner. Somewhere both elders and doctors agree. Well the small research put forward that my favorite drink is good but not in large quantities. Beware wine is taken without additions so it has more alcohol than whiskey which is generally diluted with water.

Types of Wine

Types of wine

I am a fan of great tasting wine. One day a thought came in my curious mind about the types of wine that are available. I researched and here are the results.

Wine can be classified according to the color of the liquor.

  • Red wine – This is my favorite. The color is just like blood. In ancient times stage actors used to use red wine as false blood. The wine is made from black grapes and is sweet in odor and taste.
  • White wine – This looks more like vodka, and is clear with no color. It is made from green grapes and the taste is creamy. A favorite of women folk.
  • Rose wine – The color is just like rose a pinkish tinge. The wine is made from black grapes. The skin is removed before fermenting hence the light color instead of the usual blood-red. It may also be made by blending white and red wine together. Taste ranges from sweet to bone dry.
  • Sparkling wine – There are bubbles in the wine that sparkle, hence the name. The wine is made by secondary fermentation that causes these bubbles. A favorite at cocktail parties. The taste ranges from sour to sugary sweet.
  • Fortified Wine – This is the blenders area. Most of the wines with high alcohol content that give you the kick are these. The natural wines are fortified by adding spirits. It is a wine generally used in desert making as it requires the extra spirit. Sherry is a fortified wine loved by the English people.