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Fruit wines; a toast of enchantment.

Fruit wines, the latest trend.

Fruit wines in the UK have always been well received at luncheons and are frequently associated with dessert wines, however that could not be further from the truth today. Flowery essences, especially organic, are emerging as a top request among wine lovers across the country. Often referred to as “mead” in the UK, some of the best samplings will be available at festivals and wine tastings in 2016 as they soar to a classy revival among connoisseurs. Lindisfarne Mead, promoted by the infamous wine merchants, Nickolls and Perks is made on the Isle of Northumbria and offers a hint of honey that is incomparable to any other. At the Love Wine Fest 2016 , held on November 5th in Birmingham, Nickolls and Perks will offer this mead among other fruit wines. Among the festivals exhibitors will be Three Choirs Vineyards which offers tours and tastings in Gloucestershire and Hampshire, where they recently acquired Wickham Vineyards. Among the trend setters in fruit wines is Field Bar out of Gloucestershire; amid some of their best is a delightful elder flower sparkling wine. Another worthy mention goes out to Lyme Bay Winery which offers a mild, dry, yet delicately well toned strawberry wine called Lymelight. As mentioned earlier many wineries continue to refer to their fruity wines as mead but keep an eye out for them on supermarket shelves. Regardless of how they are referenced, fruity wines are making a reputable come back to the wine loverĀ“s collection.