Religion and Wine Connection

Religion and the wine connection

Well today I would like to bring to you the discussion I had with friends over dinner last week. It was about wine and its connections with various religions. Nearly all ancient religions have wine as a special gift from god. Let us take a closer look at each of the religions.

Egyptian religion – The Egyptians had a god of wine. Yes folks Hathor the god of intoxication was honored every month by drinking parties on the “Day of intoxication“. Greek Religion – The old Greek religion was similar and had a god Dionysus who was the giver of all gifts and behold the greatest gift was wine. The Romans – The Romans believed that wine was  given by Jupiter and grape growing and wine making was part of the agricultural cycle every year. The Shinto and Chinese – Even in the religion believed to be the oldest, casks of Wine are placed as an offering at the shrines. The old chinese religion also practised offering wine at altars to the god of prosperity. Hinduism in India – The association of wine has really changed over the development of the religion. The early religion had “Soma” the name given to wine which was only for the gods and was a secret recipe. However drinking alcohol was a taboo for the normal people. Judaism – A passage in the Hebrew Bible associates wine with the divine. Presence of wine in almost all the rituals is a testimony to the bond of wine with this religion. Christianity – There are two really important instances in life of Christ which has the wine connection. The first instance is about Jesus turning water into wine and the second one is the Last supper where Jesus shares Wine with bread with his disciples. As for other religions like Buddhism and Jainism wine drinking is a taboo. In Islam wine drinking is a sin. But majority wins I presume.