Wine and Nutrition

Calories in different wines

Wine nutritional facts are not found on the label. Be aware wine is not calorie free. It has lots of calories. All the types of wine contain alcohol which is the major source of calories. Now some nutritional facts about wine.

  • Wine does not have  a standard nutritional facts – There cannot be a standard because wines are made from grapes. Grapes that are used to make wine may be green or black. The dark grapes will give rise to wine with higher alcoholic content. On the other hand white wine made from green grapes will have lower alcohol content.
  • Alcohol has more calories than sugar – If you are having alcohol in any form you are taking in calories twice that of sugar. You did not know this? Well friends one more fact is the drier the wine the more calories. Sweet wines will have lesser calories. So if you are on a fitness regime better to skip wine for a while.
  • Other Nutritional facts – (1) Contains Fluoride which means wine is good for teeth.(2) Potassium keeps the heart muscles healthy.(3) Manganese which is good for nervous system and liver.(4) Iron good for keeping active (5) Phosphorous for strengthening bones and aiding digestion. (6) Vitamin B2 the vitamin which helps reduce ageing effects.