Wine is good for health: Fact or Fiction

Wine Good for health

Cersie the mother of Tommen and wife of Robert Baratheon in “The Game of Thrones” is addicted to wine. That is just an excerpt from my favorite TV series, but the question is Wine really healthy? Well I tried to find out facts about the same. I visited Doctors and medical professionals and also some of our elders to find out.

Is wine beneficial for heart? Well the medical practitioners told a story about a boy. John was a boy and he used to drink tea daily with milk and sugar. It kept him going and he was really good at studies and sports. Someone told him that tea is good for health. Now he started drinking 10 cups of tea daily and what happened? His body took the toll and he was sick. Doctor came and told him he was drinking too much tea. Well friends the same is the case with wine. If you drink one glass daily it is good for your hearty. On the other hand if you are addicted it will ruin your life. The alcohol in wine can cause liver problems and death due to alcohol is very common. Every fifth man dies due to ill effects of alcohol.

The doctor also added that wine is better than other alcoholic beverages but only when taken in moderate quantities. My grandfather is of the same view. He said that wine is good and is best with dinner. Somewhere both elders and doctors agree. Well the small research put forward that my favorite drink is good but not in large quantities. Beware wine is taken without additions so it has more alcohol than whiskey which is generally diluted with water.