Fruity California Wines

After watching a news cast this week I decided to go along to California Fruit Wine Company to see, well taste their wines. . The difference with these to others I frequent is they make fruit wines. Now I know grape is a fruit but here they use different fruits as the base for their wines – no grapes.  The emphasis at this winery being on fruit, not vegetable, corn or rice.  Currently they are promoting their Harvest wines, which include Pumpkin Spice and Cranberry.

The company is owned by two great blokes who really have a love for what they do. They are willing to chat and share their knowledge with customers and let you try glasses of their unique bouquets. They source their supplies from vendors up and down the west coast, ensuring the finest quality for their wines.

Now to the wines I tasted….art wine for the table

I found Pumpkin Spice to be a little sweet for my taste, but my companion could not get enough of it!! Its a delicate wine spiced with cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and ginger.

The Cranberry wine I found refreshing and crisp; definitely one for my table. Another up and coming wine I was told is Pomegranate. Pomegranates in general have had a huge raise in popularity and this wine is fruity and tart at the same time, great for the autumn palate. I can see a least a couple of these on my table at Thanksgiving.

The California Fruit Wines large facility is inviting, easy to find and definitely worth a visit. I recently read an article on a bonfires. It was real fun.You can read the entire article here.