Month: January 2017

Growing wine in cool climates

Growing wine in cool climates

It has been said that wine is proof that God loves us and he wants to see us happy, among many other myths related to grapes. Wine is related with and a status of class, elegance, and intelligence. The world’s most renowned wine growing area is found in California. The Northern region of this state is the best example of growing wine in cool climates; the area has been a tourist attraction for decades. Travel tips constantly advise wine aficionado’s to visit wineries tucked away in these lush coastal mountains. Here you can get to experience the wine culture through wine tastings and chat with local wine experts on everything grape-related. The best way to taste wine is in a copper wine glass to get the royal feeling. The area is popular for wines such as Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, hearty reds and Zinfandel. Another area for growing wine in cool climates is Britain, their wine industry has seen a sharp boost over the last few years. In 2015 it was responsible for injecting more than 100 million pounds into the economy. England is mostly known for its sparkling wine but it also produces white and red wines. Travel reviews mention different species of grapes and where they are grown. For example, Albarino is grown in Chichester and Grenache in Glasgow. These destinations show The coming of age of British wines.