Types of Wine

Types of wine

I am a fan of great tasting wine. One day a thought came in my curious mind about the types of wine that are available. I researched and here are the results.

Wine can be classified according to the color of the liquor.

  • Red wine – This is my favorite. The color is just like blood. In ancient times stage actors used to use red wine as false blood. The wine is made from black grapes and is sweet in odor and taste.
  • White wine – This looks more like vodka, and is clear with no color. It is made from green grapes and the taste is creamy. A favorite of women folk.
  • Rose wine – The color is just like rose a pinkish tinge. The wine is made from black grapes. The skin is removed before fermenting hence the light color instead of the usual blood-red. It may also be made by blending white and red wine together. Taste ranges from sweet to bone dry.
  • Sparkling wine – There are bubbles in the wine that sparkle, hence the name. The wine is made by secondary fermentation that causes these bubbles. A favorite at cocktail parties. The taste ranges from sour to sugary sweet.
  • Fortified Wine – This is the blenders area. Most of the wines with high alcohol content that give you the kick are these. The natural wines are fortified by adding spirits. It is a wine generally used in desert making as it requires the extra spirit. Sherry is a fortified wine loved by the English people.

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