The Other California Wine Country


When most people think of California wine country they just think of Napa, which is indeed the most well-known region for wine in California. However, I’ve come to learn that Paso Robles is another up and coming wine region in the golden state. According to Huffington Post it is more laid-back, less expensive and somewhat cooler.  I would say I have to agree with Huffington Post on that one. Paso Robles is a small town of 30,000 inhabitants located about 5 hours south of Napa Valley in the Central Coast part of California. It is in between San Francisco and Los Angeles. I decided to take a little detour and explore the region a little bit while on a road trip down the well-known Pacific Coast Highway heading to LA.

Paso Robles has more than 200 wineries which are mainly smaller and family-owned wineries and vineyards. While visiting Paso Robles I had the opportunity to try different wines from a variety of 40 different wine grapes. However, as I didn’t want to go  overboard I decided to only try out a few on this adventure!


I started by heading to Le Vigne Winery where they are known for their French and Italian grape wines including 30 different varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon. The vineyard was stunning and I was treated very well by the people serving me the excellent wine. I definitely got that family feel while being warmly welcomed during my visit. As I didn’t have much time to make a stop-over in Paso Robles I decided to check out one more vineyard. On my way out of town heading back towards the coast I decided to visit Derby Wine Estates. Also a family run business I was impressed with the high quality of their wines that I got to taste while enjoying the California sun on their tasting room patio.

Unfortunately it was only a quick stop over in the “more laid-back Napa.” But I can guarantee that I will be back soon! I would recommend Paso Robles to wine lovers of all sorts!



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