New California Winery – Monastic Wine

Monastic winery

So I had an interesting find for wineries in California there is a new one called New Clairvaux Vineyard. It is a winery that is run by trappist monks that make wine since 2000 when they first planted the new vineyard. Some info from their website:

“The Abbey of New Clairvaux is the first Cistercian Monastery in the Americas to grow, vinify and bottle its own wine.  Their monastic and viticultural traditions reach back to the 12th century with renowned Cistercian Vineyards, such as Clos de Vougeot in Burgundy and Kloster Eberbach in the Rheingau. Today the dedicated labor of the Abbey’s Trappist monks and the skilled hands of a fifth generation winemaker, bring together the traditions of European grapegrowing and winemaking.”

Very interesting and the revitalization of the traditional style of trappist wine making that is centuries old brings a new angle to the California wine region. I cannot wait to try this new wine and see what it tastes like. I am wondering how  many other wineries are working in the same style in California or across the U.S. and how many are also still performing this way in Europe. They also offer some cool retreats at their winery and you can participate in all different events and get a chance to taste the wines they produce. Check them out! Here’s a cool review.


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