Location, location

California wine country is located in Northern California, primarily in the region’s valleys between the mountains and the Pacific Coast to the West. Wine in the region has been produced since the mid-19th century and its quality has grown to award-winning status. The region as a whole houses more than 1,200 wineries.

Map of California's wine regions

Map of California’s wine regions

At present, Napa Valley has over 400 wineries, whereas in 1974 the grape farming region only had 25 wineries. Sonoma, located just to the West of Napa Valley is second to Napa as a wine producer. History shows that grapes were planted in Sonoma as early as 1812. Close to 75 percent of the region’s agricultural production is from its grapes.

In 2004, close to 150,00 tonnes of grapes were harvested in Sonoma, accounting in $310 million. Since then, the number has nearly doubled.

A region that falls outside of Norther California’s wine regions is Temecula. This suburb, located just outside of San Diego is also known for its wines. This region also has award-winning wines including bold, red wines such as Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Although this region produces less wine that the northern part of California, in the 19th century Temecula was the state’s top producing area. Today, Temecula has less than 50 producers.


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